Organically and Sustainable Grown Flower

About Us

When we talk organics here at the farm, we speak from experience. We know that organically grown cannabis is the best... and you know what they say, "There's the best and all the rest!"  Our flower is smooth to the taste, aromatic to the smell, and beautiful to the eye. We do this by providing a living soil environment via sustainable practices and organic inputs. Quite simply, healthy soil creates healthy plants, and healthy plants create healthy people.

Additionally, our mountain creek water from the Eagle Cap Mountains nourishes our plants via an off-grid solar powered drip irrigation system that was designed by Shayne Kimball, the owner of Kimball Farms. Before Shayne was a hemp farmer he was a long time solar installer and developer. Which is why you'll see solar energy being used, in many ways,  all over the farm. Whether it's used to pump water, supply power to the yurt, or just help reduce the cost of our home power needs.  Solar energy is very well understood here and takes a special spotlight here at the farm.


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