Kimball Farms, LLC is a family owned, environmentally friendly company specializing in using Industrial Hemp to improve the health of the planet and it’s people.

About Us

Our farm is located in scenic Joseph, Oregon, where we are stewards of the land. We love this area, the people and the community more than we can tell you. Renewable energy, organic fertilizers, and the use of drip irrigation all play a part in how we want to see more people work with the land. So, we do these things not only to grow the best hemp, but we also do it to be good examples of what sustainable practices in agriculture can look like.

About Hemp

Indeed, this is a revolutionary time we live in, because hemp is reemerging once again as the most useful plant known to humankind. It gives us great joy knowing that the family farm is coming back to our generation through hemp, and that we are pioneers in this endless pool of possibilities.

Founder and Owner


Shayne Kimball

I’m like anybody. I’m curious about the world in which we live...which is why I continuously seem to come to the conclusion that we need to protect it. So, if we need to protect our way of life here on Earth, then we should probably have the single best tool to do that.


It was Jack Herer’s Book “The Emperor Wears no Clothes” that first opened my eyes to the amazing plant “Cannabis Sativa Hemp”. This plant, the Swiss Army Knife of plants, can help stop deforestation, feed the world, create biodegradable plastics, allow you to grow your own medicine in your backyard, stop much of the dangerous uses of pesticides, fuel your car, build your next home, and now power the next generation of renewable energy storage systems.


Like many others, I believe there are some things worth fighting for, and this plant is definitely worth fighting for. It should be our inalienable right to grow this plant and do with it what we wish. Our founding forefathers grew this plant and knew of its many uses, and even today we continue to discover new ones.


After reading Jack’s book, I started the Moscow Hemp Festival in Moscow, Idaho back in 1994 while attending the University of Idaho. Proudly, I must say, the Moscow Hemp Festival still lives to this day! During that time I also started a hemp clothing company called Sativa. My invention of the hemp watch band was my most popular product, but I also made dog collars, wallets and other accessories.  Furthermore, I was lucky enough to actually get to know Jack Herer, while being a member of the Hemp Industries Association, and will never forget what an inspiring man he was.


It wasn’t till years later, 2017 to be exact, that I was able to plant my first crop of hemp here in Wallowa County. Wallowa County might not be the first place someone would think that hemp production would thrive, but you got to remember hemp can grow in many climates, from the deserts to the mountains. So, even though Joseph, Oregon is at 4500 ft. elevation, I have found that hemp can grow quite well here and inevitable as time goes on I’ll be able to develop newer strains of Hemp that will do even better...and we’ll do it organically too!


-In Hemp We Trust

Shayne B. Kimball

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